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The School For Customer Support

Where do you go to learn more than just how to clear a queue?

Elevate Summit is an elite conference for customer support and customer experience professionals. There’s more to customer support than just answering an email really fast, and there are few places for people who take customer support seriously to find deep, engaging education that they can use to train their teams.

Who better to teach than someone who’s been there?

We bring experts to the stage who have experience in scaling support teams, handling outages and other PR nightmares, hiring the best people to grow a healthy culture with, and even people who have experience with corporate KPI’s and building support systems from the bottom up. Our attendees are customer support agents, team leads, managers, and others who are on the front lines of customer experience.

Day 1 Speakers: #supportforsupport

We’ll kick off the event on March 30 with talks about support for support. These talks will focus mostly on soft skills like communication techniques, self-care, lessons learned, and ways you can ensure your team thrives long-term.


Head of Support at Appcues

“Bipolar Disorder & Radical Candor”

Customer support agents share unique skills and personality traits, but that means they can also share the same struggles with certain mental health troubles. Mercer talks about her own journey with mental disorders and how sharing radically and transparently can increase empathy amongst support teams and for customers alike.


Support at Kayako

“Overcome Burnout by Learning New Skills”

With takeaways for both managers and support teams, Sandeep will talk about different tasks you can get involved with along to avoid burnout in customer support roles. These tasks don’t even require massive implementation strategies, and you’ll find them easy to implement at your own company.


Senior Product Support Specialist at Buzzfeed

“If You Don’t Support Yourself, How in the Hell You Gonna Support Someone Else?”

Buzzfeed’s distributed support team embraces the notion of support for support daily. It’s part of their internal process to make sure their team stays communicative, transparent, and vocal. Learn from Alp how their team keeps everyone motivated and empowered so you can help your team do the same!


Director of Customer Support at Linode

“How Building a Training Team Changed How We Do Support”

Learn why Linode decided to hire a full-time Lead Trainer and a team of Training Experts just for their Support team, which enabled them to change the type of candidate they look for, reduce onboarding time, and decrease turnover.


Social Response Lead | Customer Experience

“Social Support During Crisis”

When your product goes down, how do you support the many people on social who are asking what’s going on? Karen will share how you can staff your social response team to ensure every single customer feels heard, even in high stress and high volume situations. She’ll also share strategies for equipping agents with the skills needed to ensure a consistently empathetic, kind, and playful tone on social.


Manager of Support Operations at FreshBooks

“Support and Product Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G”

Come follow Grace as she tells the tale of the evolution of the Support and Product relationship at FreshBooks. She’ll regale you with stories of failures, successes and how Support not only has a seat at the table these days, but actually is able to influence FreshBooks’ product roadmap.


UserOps Manager at Nerdwallet

“How to UN-F*ck Getting Feedback From Your Team”

Leaders need feedback in order to grow, and also to understand their teams better. It’s vital to create an environment where feedback is flowing upward freely, and this environment is dependent on the team lead’s ability to receive feedback well. But most don’t, because they talk too much,  talk too little, or talk about the wrong things. Lindsay will give a few tips here for how to skillfully encourage directs to go deeper so they’ll feel invested in giving feedback to strengthen teams.


Senior Manager, Technical Support at Heroku

“How Teams Grow, Thrive, and Fail”

Support teams are living organisms and each stage in their life-cycle brings new challenges and rewards. We’ll talk about common patterns for team growth, tools for determining where your team is at, and how to keep your team healthy, strong, and productive.


Day 2 Speakers:

Tactical and Technical

On Saturday March 31, we’ll start the day after a big brunch and dive into some serious talks about work. You’ll hear from support experts about how to drive metrics for your team, how to implement technical changes, and improvements you can make to increase your team’s efficiency and sustainability.


Senior Manager, Customer Advocacy at LoseIt!

“Transitioning to New Helpdesk Software: A Step-by-Step Plan”

Thinking of switching help centers? Learn from Whitney how her team at LoseIt! tackled this common growth issue for support teams. She’ll cover how to evaluate tools based on your needs, what to consider when planning for the transition, and how to prove to your superiors this is an investment worth making.


Senior Product Support Specialist at Lucid Software

“Using Metrics to Improve One-to-One Support Ticket Interactions”

Learn how Lucid Software has been able to improve their one-to-one customer experience by implementing and tracking specific success metrics, and how a process like this can work for your support team, too.


Hugger at FullStory

“Response Time is the Wrong Metric”

Receive ticket. Send response. Repeat. Celebrate super fast response times. But is this really the most responsive way to support our customers? If we only think about “responsiveness” in terms of response times, we miss out on supporting customers who never wrote in. Ben will demonstrate how to measure response time in the traditional way so average response time can actually go UP when you make fixes to the product. HeI’ll also demonstrate how you can incorporate bug fixes into a better “adjusted response time” metric.


Support Process Manager, SmugMug

“My New Life As a Support Process Manager”

When the support community heard about SmugMug’s new support process manager, audible gasps could be heard. What does that mean? What does she do? Most importantly, how do I get that job? Denise will go over what her role entails, how hybrid QA/training roles help influence product, and how you can grow an innovative role like this at your company.


Director of Experience at Shinesty

“CSAT Is On Life Support”

What is customer effort? What’s the difference  between CSAT, CES and NPS? If you’ve ever had these questions, fear not! Antonio will walk you through understanding the pillars of customer effort, and how you can implement low effort strategies into your support structure to improve customer experience.


VP Customer Success at Hubspot

“Customer Success is a Game: Here’s How To Play It”

Every organization says they care about making customers successful, so why are marketing, sales, and product teams so often incentivized to act in ways that are anti-customer? Eva will explore the most common anti-customer patterns and how to combat them in your organization.


Senior Manager, Software Development

“Lead From the Back(log)”

Learn from Cisco Meraki’s Software Development Senior Support Manager how they use a backlog of support issues to create actionable “Top 10” lists for Engineering and Product. You’ll also learn how to choose the right metrics to drive the change that you want to see.


Program Manager – Ops Development

“Scale Your Systems (Not Just Your Team)”

As High Growth Startups scale quickly and hire support agents, investing in the systems that power support is vital. “Scale your systems, not just your team” will teach you to trust your users,  centralize business logic ownership, empower support agents to QA your ticket routing, and  grow your systems (not just your people).

Find Your Tribe and Grow Your Career

We started hosting Elevate events in 2012 to meet the immediate need for education and career development for customer support teams. Since then, we’ve produced 14 events in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, London, Portland, Philadelphia, and Palm Springs, CA. We’ve showcased over 250 speakers on stage from companies like Google, Atlassian, Etsy, Medium, and Buzzfeed, as well as smaller software companies and universities.

Actionable Advice

Talks are curated to bring actionable takeaways for every attendee, no matter their job title. Most attendees are on the front lines of customer support, as support agents, managers or team leads. We choose talks that will help current leaders and raise up new leaders through actionable education.  learn more

Intimate Audience

We keep our events small so we can build a lasting community for outreach and networking. After experimenting with audience size up to 650 people, we’ve found our speakers and attendees get the most out of smaller events. Only 150 seats are sold for each event, and we program a good amount of social time into the schedule.  learn more

Short & Sweet Talks

All talks are TED-style, 15 minutes or less. We don’t waste time on panels or Q&A, but all speakers are available for direct conversations in our private attendee Slack channel.  learn more

Thoughtful Sponsors

We’re picky about who we choose to partner with, and make sure they all create useful tools for support teams. We create long-lasting relationships with our sponsors so we can vouch for each and every one of them.  learn more







What Our Attendees Say

Most of our attendees have been to 3 or more Elevate conferences in the past 5 years. We have a 65% company return rate and an 80% attendee return rate per event!

“Elevate Summit is by far the best and most actionable support conference you’ll go to.”

Michael Labrecque-Jessen,

“Elevate Summit is a phenomenally well-run conference for support professionals.”

Ben McCormack,

“From the opportunity to network with a phenomenal community to learning how to be more effective as a team, each part of the conference provided the fuel needed to be better in my role.”

Celina Zamora-Torres,
“It raises the bar year after year for a support-focused conference. No fluff, just great talks for customer focused people by customer focused people. You will absolutely leave feeling empowered.”
Lee Matos,

“Blown away by the quality of the speakers, event, food, setting — everything! Just the perfect scale to keep things intimate and fun!”

Colin Wilkinson, Etsy

“Of all of the support conferences I’ve attended, Elevate Philly left me with the most actionable takeaways. Upon returning to work I immediately began considering improvements for my organization based on the talks I heard.”

Nora West, Guru

“It’s amazing to go to a conference where you get so much value, without having to work too hard. This conference just gives you such a great opportunity to take your team to the next level.”

Odalis Salazar Mullins, Knack

“A fantastic conference for anyone who works with customers. Each time, I leave feeling inspired and excited about my job.”

Whitney Puidokas, LoseIt!

“Elevate Summit is my support group for my support career. I’ve learned a tremendous amount that has helped advance my career as a support professional, I’ve made new friends, and I got my dream job with a company & product I love. One thing remains consistent: I leave these events feeling inspired and empowered.”

Jake Bartlett, StatusPage
“I learned so much at Elevate Summit this year. There isn’t enough room to type it all. I had solid takeaways that I am working with my team to implement right now! Even the vendors gave me action items. Best. Conference. Ever!”
Crystal Shrum, Daxko
“Elevate was truly one of the best conferences I have ever attended. Each talk was more beneficial than the next, and was inspiring to companies from big to small.”
Alexandra Sofen, Etsy
“Elevate Summit continues to be the *only* conference that’s worth my support team’s precious time. The topics covered by the speakers have served as my roadmap for how to scale support during periods of rapid growth for our company.”
Max Swagler, Interfolio

Philadelphia, PA

Doors open 9am Friday March 30

We’re headed back to the Science History Institute for another great event in Philly! Make sure to plan your travel time to arrive for our welcome happy hour Thursday, March 29, and stay for the day-after event on Saturday night!

After Event

Talks wrap up 3pm Saturday March 31

We’re taking a group for a private tour at Philadelphia Distilling after the event wraps on Friday night. Day-after tickets will go on sale February 1 and will be $65 each. (We’re limiting this to just 65 tickets!

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